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Davina Hughes and Jesse Wood are a dynamic team dedicated to Short Term Rentals (STR) and Staging for both STRs and homes.

Many REALTORS are either working with STR properties or staging for themselves or for their clients and Jesse and Davina have developed a dynamic, practical, and contemporary approach to excelling in both interrelated disciplines that are soon to be available via Hiveologie. We are delighted to present two highly timely programs from this team – Short Term Rental Specialist and Staging Specialist!

Davina is an active REALTOR, and she is the recipient of numerous Circle of Excellence Awards along with receiving her Platinum status as one of the area’s Top REALTORS in sales and reputation. Jesse F. Wood has deep experience in real estate staging/design and short-term rental sales and management across all North America. Together they have built a separate highly successful staging and STR business at STR Tribe and provide coaching and training on how both investors and other REALTORS can build a successful staging and/or STR business.

In a challenging market a real estate professional needs to either upgrade skills or add new income streams or both. So, this team is focused on teaching not only how to build a two or even three-income business as REALTORS, staging and short term rental specialists but this training can also help any agent to create their own portfolio of successful short term rentals for themselves.

Welcome Davina and Jesse to Hiveologie to bring their deep expertise to our learners with two vital programs – Short Term Rental Specialist and Staging Specialist!