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(MEDIA RELEASE: NEW YORK, August 9, 2021) Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO and Founder of Learning Library Inc., is delighted to announce a new elearning ecosystem launching soon. Designed to empower Agents and Brokers, by accelerated learning results, providing key content from extraordinary partnerships, harnessing the power of analytics and reward systems, and serving a critical social mission.

Sabine is well known for being an eLearning industry pioneer and building one of the first elearning platforms and courses for some of the biggest organizations in North America, and continues to innovate. Always looking to improve and links between business performance and learning methodology in the most practical terms, Sabine and her team began the task of reinventing elearning, with the Agent experience in mind, several years ago.
Sabine explains “It is a culmination of over 20 years of experience and 3 years of development to build a fresh industry education model marrying content design, content experts, analytics, community, rewards and a critical social mission. We landed on the Hive concept early on. Hives are undeniably thriving, nurturing, practical, and critical ecosystems. We believe the same needs to be true for our Agent communities and thus Hiveologie and our SuperHives concept was born.” 

Serving Real Estate and Insurance Agents and Brokers,
​from the Veterans at Learning Library.

We also understood that Agents and Brokers want to give back, as much as we do, so we felt it was important to simultaneously launch a truly impactful and mission critical social endeavour that all our clients, partners, and learners will be supporting just by learning with us. Our Bee Better Together initiative promises a minimum of 3% of revenue to support a real honeybee sanctuary. 
We will continue to support our current customers, however our relationship with many will be morphing and elevating as we focus primarily on the Hiveologie model going forward. 
Welcome to Hiveologie – the ecosystem that is comprised of 5 linked elements that together uniquely build SuperAgents through the SuperHive ecosystem. Agents will have the tools to move their practice to the next level, and the next level and the next. Our purpose is to help create, support and empower the most accomplished agents in their industry, all the while supporting real-world hives and honeybees. 
  1. Hive Data: crowdsourcing and sharing key industry best practices to accelerate results 
  2. Hive Learning: targeted microlearning designed to fill best practice gaps in partnership with top industry experts 
  3. Hive Rewards: to reward and gamify participation 
  4. Hive Community: multiple resources and support 
  5. Hive Social Mission: Bee Better Together to save and support honeybees 

3% of all Hiveologie project revenue will go to supporting honeybees. 

5 elements that together uniquely build SuperHives and SuperAgents – the most talented and accomplished agents in the industry.  All in a thriving community designed specifically to nurture and grow along with their needs in a holistic and cutting-edge ecosystem, all while supporting real-world bees. 

1. Data: Proprietary analytics provide our participants with crowdsourced best practice data to help them accelerate their business using real time, real data from real agents to produce a curated and targeted path. We study what other professionals are doing best, across the country today, and aggregate top results. Linking peer data with real time data output in the form of recommendations to accelerate results and focus energy. A true example of learning paths. Utilizing machine learning and time, the results will ‘learn, grow, and change’ with the times, so our learners who continue to participate will stay on top with changing markets. All will benefit and: 

    • Become more knowledgeable 
    • Build their business
    • Save time

Our proprietary algorithm will merge sales, business, geographic and demographic information to output specific learning paths customized to the individual participant. Pulled from real agent experience, one level above their own practice, to accelerate their business development. The learning path includes content that has being carefully curated, either through acquisition, existing relationships or custom built to meet targeted needs.

2. Learning: Extraordinary courses from extraordinary content partnerships. All to offer a solution to the gaps identified by industry need, trends, risks and opportunities along with the data provided above. Primarily focussed on micro or drip training provided with online classes, live virtual events, coaching, resources and other models depending on the needs of the content and our Agents. Most provided over time, with ongoing support and updates, to alleviate the weaknesses of ‘one-hit-wonder’ training prevalent in most industry continuing education, and to accelerate our learners to greater success. 
3. Rewards: The Hive will automatically track progress and redemption options as a learner progresses with every activity leading towards the Rewards program.  Also, we won’t be that serious all the time and will launch super fun contests with exciting prizes and challenges, stay tuned. This will not only make activities more fun and gamify the learning experience but will at a much deeper level provide a key motivator to learners starting and sticking with their learning commitments and real results. Rewards are also a tangible, visual cue to illustrate the level of knowledge and progress our learners have made. Each activity will earn points, work towards badges, micro-credentialing, certificates, designations, perks, recognition and even before long ‘HoneyMoney’ that can be redeemed in our Honey Farm Store. 
4. Community: Community in the new normal is more important than ever, so that is why we’ve created a special SuperHive Community that will support our learners with group and subject matter chats and support, webinars, etc.  All intended to provide mostly free and additional support to help guide our learners to SuperAgent status more quickly; plus our Best Practice Library – best and worst practices from industry leaders and peers for all our learners to master best-in-class models to use to create their initiatives. These microlearning case studies will present what’s working or not working for agents across the country. 
5. Social Mission: Bee Better Together! We believe in social responsibility, so Hiveologie has invested in an actual honeybee apiary with proceeds from our projects to continue to grow and support this honeybee sanctuary. By choosing to learn with us our learners will support honeybees with every dollar spent. 
Launching in key phases shortly. More huge announcements coming soon.
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Sabine Steinbrecher
Chief Hiveologist