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We have three critical missions at Hiveologie:

  1. Our first mission at Hiveologie is to create SuperAgents and Brokers who are immune to market shifts and to accelerate their results with practical and tactical educational products that hone skills or find new income. You can see more at www.hiveologie.com and jump in on me at 25% off with code SABINE25.
  1. Our secret mission is to accelerate the path, or time, to get results too. New tech allows us to use cutting-edge machine learning, AI, and proprietary algorithms to deliver personalized solutions with real-time data and adjustments as markets shift to continually learn and shorten the path to results. After 20 years of innovating in ed tech I’m delighted to be able to contribute a practical tool to truly arm agents with real success tactics and information. Launching soon join our waitlist here.
  1. Our social mission is our Honeybee Sanctuary to save and support bees. We know our pollinators are in trouble so we have chosen this critical social mission and currently pledge 3% of all course sales, and 100% of honey closing gift profits, directly to real hives. With every course or closing gift purchase, you will automatically participate directly in saving and supporting 1,000s of bees.

We recently launched our honey-based, not-for-profit, closing gifts to help fund more efforts to save bees. We would love your input on this initiative. Would you please answer one quick poll question about your closing gift preferences? This poll is anonymous and reveals live data so you can see how everyone is responding.