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Welcome Davina and Jesse to Hiveologie

Recently our CEO @sabinedesertracer, Founder and Chief Hiveologist at Hiveologie Accelerated Learning @hiveologie.realestate, was a guest on Liz Naumovski’s Empowered Show #Empowered on the News Forum channel.  They discussed how she now leads with purpose for her beloved social mission – saving and supporting bees.  They had a great conversation about how Hiveologie has developed our social mission to be aligned with our beliefs and passions and how doing so can make a difference in our business and our world. Sabine discusses her journey and philosophy regarding the Profit for a Cause Revolution and how and why to implement. 

To listen, check out her episode at https://thenewsforum.ca/series/empowered/ or read her recent article and guide to developing your own social mission and finding your social passion.

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