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Sabine Steinbrecher


Hiveologie/Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO, Named an RISMedia 2022 Real Estate Newsmaker and Luminary. Sabine Steinbrecher joins exclusive group of industry leaders who have made newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry. 

Feb 8/2022 — Hiveologie is pleased to announce that Sabine Steinbrecher, Chief Hiveologist and Founder has been selected as an RISMedia 2022 Real Estate Newsmaker — one of the dynamic key influencers making headlines as a result of her newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry and her efforts to positively affect the consumers and communities she has served for over 20 years. 
Sabine was chosen in The Luminaries category — “these are the iconic leaders, the founders, CEOs and executives who’ve built and grown their companies to enormous successes. You’ll recognize these leaders as those who’ve dedicated their lives to the betterment of their companies, agents, the real estate industry and all those it serves.” RISMedia Team

Sabine explains

I couldn’t be more honored to be included in this group of honorees. Hiveologie is a culmination of over 20 years of experience and 3 years of development to build a fresh real estate industry education model marrying learning design, extraordinary content experts, agent analytics, community, rewards, and a critical social mission. We landed on the Hive concept early on. Hives are undeniably thriving, nurturing, practical, and critical ecosystems. We believe the same needs to be true for our Agent learning communities and thus Hiveologie and our SuperHives concept was born. And by choosing to learn with us, real hives and honeybees are saved and supported at our bee sanctuary” 

RISMedia, the leader in U.S. real estate news and information services, announced its 2022 Real Estate Newsmakers on Feb. 1, in both an online directory on RISMedia.com and in the February issue of its flagship publication, Real Estate magazine.

Once again, we are proud to recognize the hard work, dedication and determination of real estate’s finest professionals—the 2022 Real Estate Newsmakers—who went above and beyond in 2021 amid the challenges and opportunities of this historic market. Help us in celebrating their hard-earned recognition,” John Featherston, CEO, president and publisher of RISMedia.

About Hiveologie

Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO and Founder of Learning Library is delighted to announce a new eLearning ecosystem, designed to empower Agents and Brokers, by accelerated learning results, providing key content from extraordinary partnerships, harnessing the power of learning design, analytics and reward systems, and serving a critical social mission.

Sabine is well known for being an elearning industry pioneer and building one of the first elearning models, digital compliance manager and learning management system for some of the biggest organizations in North America, including the National Association of REALTORS for over 20 years, and continues to innovate. Always looking to improve and links between business performance and learning methodology in the most practical terms, Sabine and her team began the task of reinventing elearning, with the Agent experience in mind.

The Hiveologie ecosystem is comprised of 5 linked elements that together uniquely accelerate Agent success. Agents will have the tools to move their practice to the next level, and the next level and the next. Our purpose is to help create, support, and empower our Agents and Brokers to become the most accomplished in their industry, all the while supporting real-world hives and honeybees. Our 5 pillars include:

  1. Agent Analytics: crowdsourcing and sharing key industry best practices to accelerate results
  2. Learning: targeted, well designed live virtual and on demand microlearning designed to fill best practice gaps in partnership with top industry experts
  3. Rewards: to reward and gamify participation
  4. Community: multiple resources and support
  5. Social Mission: Bee Better Together to save and support honeybees

We also understand that Agents and Brokers want to give back, as much as we do, so we felt it was important to simultaneously launch a truly impactful and mission critical social endeavor that all our clients, partners, and learners will be supporting just by learning with us. Our Bee Better Together initiative promises a minimum of 3% of revenue to support a real honeybee sanctuary.

We will continue to support our current customers, however our relationship with many will be morphing and elevating as we focus primarily on the Hiveologie model going forward.

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About RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers

RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers is designed to recognize those individuals making headlines as a result of their newsworthy contributions to the residential real estate industry, and their efforts to positively affect real estate professionals and the consumers and communities they serve. RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers were chosen based on nominations received through an online nomination process on RISMedia.com, and by nominations from RISMedia’s in-house editorial team and other industry sources. Nominations for RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers are collected on an ongoing basis throughout the course of the year. There is no fee to nominate a Newsmaker or be recognized/featured as a Newsmaker. Due to deadline and production criteria, RISMedia’s 2022 Real Estate Newsmakers Online Directory may not currently be in its final format. Please check back for ongoing updates.